ARTWORKS > Mediterranean Winds

Cuban bronze blue patina sculpture represents calm wind good sailing prosperity by Aramis Justiz
54 x 60 x 42 cm
Cuban bronze blue patina sculpture represents strong wind fast sailing adventure by Aramis Justiz
Bronze, wood
54 x 60 x 42 cm

The Mediterranean Sea has been the means of communication par excellence for several of the great cultures on three continents. The eight winds that cross it have served the inhabitants of this area, permitting naval trade and conquest; they mark the changing of the seasons and the direction of the currents even today helping dinghies cross the waters in search of refuge or in pursuit of a dream.

Fair winds and followings seas were all that concerned the sailors of yesteryear, from the modest trawler to the flamboyant brigantine.

Every wind has its character, from smooth to wild, from persistent to fickle. Favourable winds in the sail has for centuries been the symbol of good fortune, good trade and good fishing. The wind in the sail is the leitmotiv of these works, tribute to these seafaring cultures.